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 Ben , i Am

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PostSubject: Ben , i Am    Tue Mar 01, 2011 2:25 am

Hi all. My name is Ben.
Who is Ben , you might think ? Ben got a job as the Play mascott. Some people call me PlayBen, some call me Ben the Player and others just say Ben.

I am here to give information to new people, guide people around the forum and give people a nice welcome. I love to talk about myself in 3rd person, so don`t be suprised if Ben talks like this. I will be the person who is in charge of events from the guild, spread news around of the guild and will be the person in the possesions of all the items and messos which belongs to the guild.

The existence of Ben is very clear and his work is very simple, but there is a lot of mystery about certain people around Ben. Some people say Ben has a lot of brothers who looks like him , some say other people like to imitate Ben and others claim that Ben likes to disguise himself to pretend being someone else. But wheter if it is Ben himself, Ben`s imitators, Ben`s brothers, or maybe even aliens, fact is that there are a lot of people walking around looking suspiciously a lot like Ben. Here is a foto of ben and the other ben`s which is floating around on the internet (not sure if its a Photoshop or not ).

Who are they, what are their identity and why are they here ? Thats for either of you to decide...

Did something from my post made u curious, feel free to browse around the forum. Here -> you can go back to make a welcoming post to let people know who you are and you browsed this forum ( even as not a member of the guild, feel free to post a welcoming message and look around). If you wanna know more about the events of Guild you can visit the Countdown timer here -> and for ongoing and finished events you can visit this ->
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Ben , i Am
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