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 ~ GPQ Guide ~

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PostSubject: ~ GPQ Guide ~   Tue Apr 12, 2011 9:26 pm

Guild Party Quest?

The GPQ began as an event competition in EMS over now. The main purpose of this PQ is gaining Guild Points GP to increase the rank of the guild.
Also for those who ask 'Do we get experience during this PQ?', and yes, it is possible to gain small doses of experience points along the way.
And while we’re on the topic, if you are unfortunate enough to die during the PQ, you will only lose 1% of your experience.
Short and simple, what did I tell ya? Razz Ok, moving on...

To Begin

First off, the Master or any Jr.Master of your guild is required to announce and lead the GPQs.
A minimum of 6 players, including Master/Jr.Master, is needed in order to proceed with the GPQ. If at any time the number of players drops below 6, or if the leading player quits, everyone will automatically forfeit the GPQ, and return to Excavation Site .
It is recommended that each run has the following types of player:

~ 1 Noob leveled between 23-30 a Magician/Flame Wizard for best results
~ 1 Thief/Night Walker with good Dark Sight
~ 1 Magician/Flame Wizard with a level 18+ Teleport
~ 1 Bowman/Wind Breaker with maxed Eye of Amazon, or Thief/Night Walker with maxed Keen Eye, or Gunslinger with at least maxed Double Shot, or Striker with Shark Wave
~ Party members with good jumping skills Thieves with maxed Haste

To help with the boss battle, some of the following may be useful...

~ 1 Spearman with good/maxed Hyper Body
~ 1 Chief Bandit with high/maxed Mesos Explode the fastest way to defeat the boss
~ 1 Shadower with Smoke Shell
~ 1 Priest with Dispel
~ 1 Bow Master/Marksman with Sharp Eyes

To avoid the possibility of an immediate removal from the GPQ, because of players disconnecting. It is advisable to have at least 7 players in each run.

It will take 3 minutes before entering each GPQ. This is for those players whole are a little late
Now we can begin...

Stage 0 'Our Protection'

After entering the portal, you will see purple crystals spawned in the map. Hit them to get a set of earrings, equip them before you move on to the next map. IT IS VITAL THAT YOU WEAR THE EARRINGS, OR YOU WILL DIE INSTANTLY

Stage 1 'Gate'

The main purpose of this stage is to follow/mimic according to the combination of the glowing statues by hitting them.
The guild members are appointed all over the map to observe the combination of the glowing statues. It is recommended to have at least 3 people hitting the statues, 1 above the gate, and 1 on either side. But if you’re really pro, only 2 people are needed, one on the left and right sides of the gate.
To clear the stage quicker, be sure that all players hitting the statues are buffed with haste.

Once the guild members are in position, the party leader talks to Gatekeeper who is located in the middle of the map at the gate and the combination will begin. It is best for the leader to remain at the gate ready to talk to Gatekeeper. Or, if the leader wishes to participate, he/she should take the right side of the gate, which will have Gatekeeper within the map.

When completed successfully, the next combination can begin. If the combination is incorrect, you will fail, and start over.

This stage involves 3 parts:

~ 4 glowing statues
~ 5 glowing statues
~ 6 glowing statues

Once you have cleared the stage, enter the gate, walk to the other end of the map and enter the next stage.

Stage 2 'Spears'

In this stage, there are 4 rooms Faith, Courage, Pledge, Glory where a task has to be performed in each room.
This stage basically requires party members to obtain 4 Longinus Spears to unlock the passage to the next stage. To put the Longinus Spear into your inventory, press jump and Z/0 to pick up the item. Also note, you can only hold 1 spear at a time

ROOM OF FAITH Bottom door

Players who are good with jump quests are required, as there are 3 sections of the jumping quest: Blue, Yellow and Red.
Once the player has reached the top, hit the chain until it is broken and take the Longinus Spear. There should be a total of 3 Longinus Spears in this room.


Attackers and/or 1 healer would be appropriate for this stage where the players would have to kill Muscle Stones and Master Muscle Stones on the bottom and top platform to obtain 1 Key.
The Key will be picked up by one of the party member to unlock Room Of Pledge.

ROOM OF PLEDGE Top left door

A Thief/Night Walker with Dark Sight and a Magician/Flame Wizard with Teleport skills are needed to clear this room. DO NOT TOUCH THE MUSCLE STONES ON THE TOP PLATFORM AS THEY DEAL A GREAT AMOUNT OF DAMAGE.
To unlock the door to this room, simply drop the obtained Key from Room Of Courage in front of the door and wait for about 3-5 seconds.
The Magician/Flame Wizard with the Teleport skill should teleport to the end of the map to the right at the bottom platform, then hit the piled stones and box to obtain 1 Rusty Key.
Teleport back to the left and drop the Rusty Key for the Thief/Night Walker with Dark Sight. (Make sure the Thief/Night Walker does not already have a Longinus Spear)
At the top platform, the Thief will use the Dark Sight skill and walk all the way to the end of the map on the right.
There will be a door on the right that is locked. Drop the Rusty Key in front of the door and wait for 3-5 seconds for the door to be unlocked. Be careful not to miss
Enter the room, hit the chain to break it and take the Longinus Spear.
Use Dark Sight skill again and head out of Room Of Pledge.

ROOM OF GLORY Top right door

Players with the Longinus Spears in their inventories will need Haste skill and at least Level 18 Teleport skill is needed for this room.
This room is another jumping quest which has 4 sections: 1st/Rope, 2nd/Haste, 3rd/Tele-path, 4th/Mage

~ 2 players with Haste skill should do 1st and 2nd. Hermits/Night Walkers with Flash Jump will be faster for 1st. Soul Masters with Soul Rush and Arans with Combat Step skills may also attempt 1st.
~ 1 player should complete 3rd by following the combination of 2-1-5-2-2-1-2, from left to right to reach the top.
~ 1 Magician/Flame Wizard with Level 18 Teleport jumps 4th.

Once the players reach the top, drop the Longinus Spears directly on the altars.
Once the last Longinus Spear is in place, an earthquake will occur, which means that the door to the next stage has been unlocked. Move out to Hall of the Knight and head to the bottom right of the map to enter the next stage.

Stage 3 'Fountain'

As you enter Stage 3, you will encounter several Black Knights and Myst Knights. Kill them before you talk to Guard Statue. It's recommended that the stronger players enter first to kill the Knights.
The Black Knights and Myst Knights will drop a total of 4 Medals and 4 Scrolls. Ideally, the leader should enter first, in order to get all the Medals and Scrolls, and begin find the combination with them.
The other players should head up to the top left and right doors of the map to obtain a total of 4 Wines top left and 4 Foods top right.
Once you have obtained all the items, drop any of the obtained items in front of the four statue and get the correct combination to clear this stage.

This stage is similar to the game 'Mastermind'. It is better if the chosen leader is good with this type of game.

Every failed combination will spawn 2 Knights on either side of the map. Players should prepare themselves for the attack after each try. Helpful tip, after seeing what items are correct/incorrect/unknown, instead of clicking [NEXT>], click [END CHAT], this will prevent the knights from spawning.
If the combination is still wrong after 7 tries, a large amount of Black Knights and Myst Knights will spawn in the centre of the map, and the entire combination will be reset.

Need practise? Here is a link to an online version of Mastermind...

Once cleared, move on to the next map, via the secret passage on the left.

Stage 4 'Sewers'

Double click on Sharen III's Will. He will request your party members to obtain 4 items for him.

~ Sharen III's Pants from Hole 1
~ Sharen III's Shoes from Hole 2
~ Sharen III's Crown from Hole 3
~ Sharen III's Top from Hole 4

You don't need to click the Will each time, if you already know what you need to do.


This hole requires attackers and/or at least 1 healer to kill 9 Puppet Golems. There will be a total of 9 Signs Of Evil dropped by the Puppet Golems, collect them and drop them in front of the door on the right side of the map to unlock it.
Enter the door and do the jumping quest. Once the party member has reached the other end of the map, hit the box and pick up Sharen III's Pants. Eww Razz


Hole 2 is basically another jumping quest. Players with good jumping skill should complete this jumping quest. Hermits/Night Walkers with Flash Jump skill would be ideal for this, as they will be able to reach the end much faster.
Jump to the top left of the map, hit the box and pick up Sharen III's Shoes


Hole 3 requires the level 23-30 Noob. Magician/Flame Wizard preferably, as the Devil Slimes are weak against magic attacks.
Head into the hole and Devil Slimes will spawn. Kill them and they will drop Signs Of Evil. There should be a total of 20 Signs Of Evil
Pick them up and then drop them in front of the door on the top right of the map to unlock it.
Enter the door and there will be a jumping quest to be done.
Jump until the player reaches the top left of the map, hit the box and pick up Sharen III's Crown.


Hole 4 requires a Thief/ with maxed Keen Eye skill, or a Bowman with maxed Eye of Amazon, or a Gunslinger with maxed Double Shot, or a Striker with Shark Wave to kill the Gargoyle at the top of the map.
After that, kill all the other Jr. Gargoyles bellow, pick up a total of 8 Signs Of Evil and drop them in front of the door to unlock it.
Enter the door to go into the next map.
Teleport by pressing up in front of the holes until the player reaches the top of the map, hit the box, and pick up Sharen III's Top.


In Sharen III's Grave, drop the collected items in front of the skull on the right side of the map in this order:

1st~ Shoes
2nd~ Pants
3rd~ Top
4th~ Crown

Wait for a few seconds after the Crown is dropped, and Sharen III's Spirit will appear. Talk to him, and then Sharen III's Spirit will then break the sealed door. Enter the door to the next map.

Stage 5 'Boss'

If you don't feel up to fighting Ergoth, you can rush here

In the next room, another door on the right side of the map is locked and can only be opened if one of the players sacrifices himself/herself. This is another job for the Noob. Anyone who dies in GPQ only loses 1% of EXP, as stated earlier. So it's not a major loss for the Noob
To sacrifice, one of the players simply drop the Protector Rock from the Equip menu in front of the door. The party member will then die instantly and the door will be unlocked. If you remove the earrings into your inventory before you drop them, you will still die but the door will remain locked.
Once the door is unlocked, enter the door to proceed to the Boss.
Anyone who doesn’t feel up to the fight may enter the pillar with the hole, which will take you to the safe spot. The pillar is located just to the left of the door.

Prepare all of the party's supportive skills before breaking the crystal on the throne at the right side of the map for Ergoth to be released.
Once prepared, break the crystal.
The best option for defeating Ergoth, as stated earlier, is for the Chief Bandit/Shadower to drop and explode approximately 700k worth of mesos at Ergoth's spawn point.
The other way is to have use a Spearman/Dark Knight's Hyper Body skill, and a healer with you.
Also, be sure to have a Priest with Dispel skill ready.
And the Shadower with Smoke Screen skill with also be of some use.

Beware of its bodyguards too: Lion Statue A, Lion Statue B, Knight Statue A, Knight Statue B. However, don't spend all your time trying to defeat all the bodyguards, defeat Ergoth and proceed to the Bonus.

Bonus Stage

Hit as many boxes within 30 seconds to obtain random items from the boxes.
Once the time is up, the party will be teleported to the exit of the Guild Quest
I should also note to the person who sacrificed themselves. If you intend to do the Bonus Stage, you will need to wear your Protector Rock earrings again. There should be two extra sets within the map where you are respawned.
Potentially lots of goodies to be found here, but I'll leave it to you to find out what they are

Well that pretty much covers GPQ, all there is left to do is wish you all good luck!

~ RogueBlood

P.S. I will update the guide asap, when new jobs are released. Also, I will try to include images soon.
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PostSubject: Re: ~ GPQ Guide ~   Wed Apr 13, 2011 4:33 pm

Thanx for posting this guide!
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PostSubject: Re: ~ GPQ Guide ~   Wed Apr 20, 2011 4:57 pm

Thanks for this rogue! Will be helpful since I don't know a thing about GPQ!
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PostSubject: Re: ~ GPQ Guide ~   Sun May 01, 2011 2:34 pm

You get used to the PQ easily, it's a good read for newcomers!
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PostSubject: Re: ~ GPQ Guide ~   Thu Jun 16, 2011 12:07 am

Let's do it this weekend ?! <3


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~ GPQ Guide ~
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