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 Who are we ?

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PostSubject: Who are we ?    Wed Mar 02, 2011 8:44 pm

Note : To read all this it will mostly take 3 minutes of your time. By reading this you will find out in general what kind of guild we are. If you can`t make the time to read this, i suggest you to go with your mouse to the big cross in the right corner or prest the alt - f4 combination.

Hello , welcome to this Forum. My name is Ben. To find more about me you can visit this : ->

Play is a new Europe Maplestory guild, which is created on the 2nd of March. We see ourself as a close group of friends who all are mature and very trustworthy to eachother. We have our OWN things what we think is important for our guild. Although maplestory is just a game, we are more then just "in-game buddys" .

One of the things we think is important is Maturity. In general, our guildmember are 18 . Ofcourse age is nothing but a number, so that doesn`t necessarily mean that if your younger then 18 this isn`t the place for you. Why maturity is important? Maturity takes loyalty, friendship and companionship along with it. A simple example : When kids are arguing with eachother, the chances are high it will end up in a fight wich can lead to people leaving the guild . Also, kids have the tendency to Type a lot LikE ThiS xD:P or using an enter after every word. Ofcourse there`s nothing wrong with that, but if you have a guild chat full of this it gets annoying for the members. So if this sounds like you , then this probably isn`t the right guild for you sorry. However don`t make the mistake we haven`t got fun in Play, cause we all are extremely funny people ^_^

Also loyalty is important for us. As stated before , we are a close group of friends. Meaning there are no strangers in our guild. So we have no problems sharing things with eachother and have the fear we won`t get it back. We all like to train together, go to bosses, share reptrades and doing partyquest as well guild events. This to keep a high activity in the guild. We are in eachother family meaning we gain rep for eachother & always have a point to teleport to in the guild. But the loyalty doesn`t only come from our members, Play will also be loyal to you. Meaning no kicks for no reason, always friendly and helpfull to eachother etc.

We like to have and keep an eye on our reputation. With reputation we don`t mean that other people see us as a big / populair / famous / noob or w/e guild cause we don`t care about that. Al we care about are our members and that al of our member have a good time and feel happy in Play. But what we do care about is keeping a friendly and clean reputation. KS-war , Hacking & being rude aren`t in our dictionairy. We aren`t the type of people who log in our 140 night lord to ks someone on ghostship cause he ks-ed us first. We rather avoid problems then confront them.

We don`t have a level minimum to join our guild. For us a character isn`t as important as the person behind it. We do , however, like to grind , kill bosses and most of us have expierence in high lvl training. If you haven`t had a character past lvl 50 before then theres a high chance you won`t fit in the guild and stay behind of all the other people. You might even feel left out.

Joining ?

After reading this got curious about joining Play ? Every guild has there own way to invite people to there guild. Some people have an Apply form on the site, some just invite random people and other have other ways again to invite people. We are not recruiting people by aplying on a site. Reason is cause we think its a bit impersonal, plus you don`t get to know people that well just by putting up an apply. We also don`t invite random people. If you want to join our guild you can go to our Guild Fm ( wich is fm3eu2) and have a chat with some of our lovely members , you can make a post on the say hi section to get in contact with us or you can whisper a jr of the guild (4rchangel or noSharpEyes). We especially are looking for people who are mature, fun and social. We are still a small guild and there`s no need for us to grow to fast, but as long as you are an good addition to our guild there`s no need for not inviting you.

Thanks for reading, peace ~
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Who are we ?
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