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 How do i train ?

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PostSubject: How do i train ?    Wed Mar 02, 2011 5:48 pm

Well i made this thread on the Nexoneu forum, so i just copy it and post it here.
This will anwser the question : How do i train ? .

Training, but isnt that simpel ? Only thing you have to do is attack the same monster over and over again right ? Yes that`s true, but i`m not only talking about how to train (called grinding aswel) , but also to make it as effective as posible. I saw a vieuw threads passing by with question how to train so thats why i had the idea early to make a thread about it. I think you can split it in 2 catogorys : "in game tips" & tips" & "outside of the game". Let me start with giving tips not really including the game herself

"Outside the game"

4 hours training isn`t the easyist thing you can do in maple. To train but especially the will to train you need to be motivated to train, and one of the best way to lose this is when you are bored. When you are bored while training those 4 hours can look like a whole long time, but also can give you less motivation to train again in the future. So to train you need to have some motivation, but especially don`t get bored while training. Now what are the best ways to pretend this ?


Put the background music on mute and play your own music. The sounds from the game herself you can leave on if you like, as long as it won`t get irritating everytime you hear a peep when you are pressing jump. Music is probably one of the best way to make the time pass quicker. Just put up a playlist in your mediaplayer / itunes / realplayer of what program u may be using and listen to this for the 4 hours. Youtube isn`t reccomended, because everytime your song is finished you need to search for a new song and all this will leave your training time smaller. Besides that my maple also kinda lag sometimes when i`m using youtube and thats not something we wanna have.Smile A mp3 player is probably even better then a mediaplayer on your pc cause its way easyer and faster to switch songs, volume etc. and aswel my maple has some lag problems sometimes when mediaplayer switches songs. Try to listen to some music what might "pump you up". Slow music could make you feel sleepy and we need to prevent ourself from falling to sleep Smile

A other way is just to put on some radio. I often put or maximafm , what are a dutch and a spanish radio station with nice music songs. With radio you don`t have to be afraid to listen a song more the once during this 4 hours and you also don`t have to worry to switch songs


One of the more funny things for me. The time flies by when i`m talking to a friend on skype. Like the other day for example, i was talking to someone who i know from real life, and we trained togheter. The funny thing was he kept dying, so he was kinda mad. I kept laughing cause he was yelling and cursing on the other side of the line, and so before i knew there was already 3 hours passed. The training for my friend was a bit worse, but yeah Smile Try avoiding buddy / guild chat as much as posible, not only because 1 it takes time from your training time and 2 the chance of dying would increase because you don`t only need to typ very quick, you need to watch out you don`t press enter twice so the chat window would open again and then pressing the potting button has no effect.

TV .

Something i do aswel very often. A lot of time i just put comedy central in the back ground and watch it with one eye. But instead of that you can put a movie or w/e you want to see as wel ofcourse. Cause of this way you be a lot of distracted and you can laugh sometimes aswel. Although be sure you don`t get to distracted cause there is a chance of dying if you don`t pay attention. For some classes this is more easy cause they can just attack from some sort of sniper spot and only spam there attack key, other classes have more trouble cause of close combat. Sometimes, when there`s nothing on tv i just put on mtv to watch and listen some music videos.


Put yourself some goals. A good goal can give you a lot of motivation to go training. A goal can vary from a certain round lvl, a job , a skil or a certain equipment. I useley just put myself a goal for a week. For example getting this week from 50 to 60, reaching lvl 130 or something like that. Don`t make your goal to big, if you don`t achieve your goal it works kinda demotivating. Lots of time when i go on a 4h training i set myself a goal aswel. Its easy to predict how much % you can do from looking at a half hour training for example, and so you make a prediction of how many % you could do after 4h. But here goes the same thing, don`t put your goal to high. If for example, you could do 25% in a half hour, then you know after 4h you could have 200%. You need however keep in mind that from the 4h training you are actually training really 7 half hours. This is 3 and a half hour really training on 4x, because one half hour you will be busy for using rep trades, repotting, walking to your training spot etc. This would mean you could do on max 175% for example, but i wouldn`t take this as a goal aswel cause this is the max % you could get. But there could always go something wrong, like for example dying, getting a dc while having fam exp , don`t train at your max cause your kinda bussy on chat or something in real takes your attencion. So a lot of things could keep you from reaching your max %. So if for example i could train 175% max on a 4h grinding, i usualy take 150% for a goal. When you reach this you will get a certain feeling, a proud feeling cause of a achievment i have reached. Then al the extra exp i get after achieving my goal i see as extra and is nice to have.

No more motivation, now what ?

Things i do when i lose motivation is mostly look some youtube vids of my class. When i first reached lvl 120 i thought i would quit training for a while cause 4th job was kinda a goal for me but when i saw people training on youtube with rush and heavenshammer i just thought i needed to train and do skillquests to get those skills aswel. Aswel when i see damage from other paladins on youtube i just want to train to reach this after a certain period aswel. What also happend to me alot was when i saw i person whit a " high level " i always thought like wow, thats kinda pro te be on that lvl etc. Then sometimes when i`m browsing the ranking or just bump into that person again for example i realised i passed his level and now actually have a higher level than this person, what makes me proud aswel and gives me more motivation again to go train again.

In game tips

Rep , rep trades , rep buying , CS exp

With the possibility that fam exp stacks with a 4h exp card from the CS means we can train on 4x exp. This said , this is the only and best way to actually train ( Not including certain events ) This would means we are grinding on 4hours. Does this sound to long for you, then you can choose to take a break for example after 2 hours for 15min. So what you gonna do before you go training is searching a rep trade party. This can vary from 3 person till max 5 person. Why 5 and not 6 ? Cause not everone has actual 5k rep on his char so they need to cast either from a friend, a rep mule or a seller. The reasson why you are doing this in a party where everyone has his turn and not just you alone with al your rep mule for example? Its because its way more cheaper and it will allow you to keep your rep for a longer amount of time

Alo, for some people rep buying for 1.5m sound a bit much, and it is if you would grind for 4 hours alone and bought that many times pty exp. 8*1.5m would cost you a amount of 12m for 4h training which is indeed a lot of messos. But, would you do it in a rep trade the cost from this whole 4 hours on 4x would cost you 1.5m / 3m depending how many time you would cast. Now this isn`t a lot for a 4h training, cause my pot cost for example are kinda of the same price.

If you gonna buy rep usually a rep seller is easy to find, cause they are spamming it often in fm entrance eu1 / 2 or 3. If there isn`t any, you just spam buy pty exp and you have a seller in no time. Adding sellers to your buddy list is a good idea sometimes aswel, so you can find a seller faster in the future. Keep in mind, its always cast first, then pay. Like my guild leader sad wel, there are only 2 ways for someone to want money first : 1 he`s a scammer or 2 he hasn`t sold rep to someone before. Mostly being in a well respected guild or having a high lvl makes someone trust you faster and wont expect you for scamming really. Would you pay first, the chance of getting scammed is high. Don`t ever scam someone. Don`t scam the seller , don`t scam the party. This will give you a bad reputation and you can think of all the consequetions yourself.

Guild & buddys

1 of the most important thing to train effiecent. Its good to be in a guild who keeps themself busy with training aswel. Yes maple is ofcourse also about fun and stuf, but its really anoying if you would be the only person in a guild who wants to train and all the other people arent. A good guild can help you finding a rep trade in no time and also if you are just looking for a party to train somewhere they are really handy. And maybe they don`t train at the moment you are willing to train, but they also have buddys who they can ask for example so you can help eachoter out the whole time. Same goes ofcourse for your own buddys. Make new friends with people who are training at the same place as you to pty that person in the future, make friends with people you are trading rep with etc. A good network is the key for good traiing Very Happy

If for example you would like to train but your lvl is to low to be in a guild who usualy keep them busy with training , or you don`t have a lot of buddys in your list to trade rep with but still you wanna grind one of these days, a good idea is to keep eye on smegas. Often other people are looking for it aswel and say it in a smega, just whisper the person that you would like to join. At the end you can ask them if you can ad them to your buddy for a next time, and if they would bring other people with them the next time for example you can add them in your buddy list again to expend your buddylist wich comes in handy for future grind sesions.


Partys makes you training go faster. Not only cause of you split a map with someone so the spawn is better and faster and you have to walk a lot less , also some classes have certain party skills. And keep in mind, bishops / priests are your friends. Holy Symbol ( HS ) is a skill who give the whole party more exp. So if you have the chance of training with a bishop dont let the chance get away. Make friends with bishops or priests you meet and ask if they would like to train with you once in the future. A other posibility you have if you can`t train with a bishop is to log in a hsmule. Yes, not everyone has 2 pc`s and can log in a 2nd char, but do keep in mind this wil speed up your training. But besides HS there are a lot of other pty skils wich can be fun and help you training more. On lvl 50 training on truckers with haste is awesome, having the ability to be as fast as a sin in deal a lot of damage is just cool and make you train faster.

Know your char.!

And with knowing i mean explore your char and find out the best way to use it. Learn his weaknes and strong points. Is your char good in killing a group of monsters, don`t stand on a sniper spot and kill 1 mob, no jump into it and hit as much as you can. Don`t you have a good mobbin skil like a sin for example don`t get yourself jumping in the middle of a group of mobs. Know to use wich skil in wich situation, a lightning attack for example can do more damage then a ice attack but if the monster would be weak to ice it may be better to attack with ice. Use seal for monsters who do a lot of magic attack to keep you preventing from dying. Get skills you are using often on a macro for the maximum speed to use a skil. Myself for example has Power guard (PG) and booster on one key cause i need to recast those skils often. I`ve putten pg before booster, cause booster takes longer and sometimes the macro skil whil only use the first skil because you are getting hit or w/e. So make sure you are using your skills to get the maximum efficiency of it. A other example for myself is using rush. When i use rush to gather up mobs to charge blow them to death it has a small delay before i can use rush again, and in the meanwhile i have just enough time to attack the mobs 1 time. So instead of waiting till i can do a new rush, i just attack the mobs once to make the mobs die earlyer.

Also make sure you have chosen a class you really like. If you had rather a other class or you are not enjoying yours don`t just continue cause of the fact you have reached a certain level. Just quit it and start over again, cause you need to have fun with the char you are playing. You should keep in mind that once you are used to training on a certain levlel, all the levels below are very easy compared to that and it won`t take you as long as you did before

A other thing what you need to keep in mind by knowing your char is the place and the map where you need to train ...

Where do i need to train ?

There are a lot of guides where you can find a good place for your char to grind. Just explore them yourself and find out wich map gives you the max amount of exp you can get. Keep in mind that not always the mobs who gives the highest amount of exp is always the best place to grind. Sometimes its better to go on a lower map where you can kill the mobs fast. I usualy just grind in a certain map for 10 minutes and compare the amount of exp i get there with the other maps so you know execly the best map for you to train. A other thing you should keep a eye on is to find the fastest route to train on. Make sure you walk a good path in stead of just jumping around randomlyhelen wat weer een extra half uurtje zou zijn

Messos ,funding

Last but not least, de amount of messos you can spend. You might think what this has to do with training, but its actually a great factor who dertermines how fast you can lvl. The more messos you have, the better equipment and weapons you can buy. And with better weapons you can hit higher. And with higher hits you can kill mobs faster and wel, you do the math. You can aswel buy att pots who gave you a boost in your att for a amount of time. So yes, shortly the more funding, the faster you can train. Well you don`t have to be a math genius to find out training with for example onyx aple, 20att gloves and a super good weapon would make you kil mobs a lot quicker then when you are just wearing clean equips and therefore train more slowly. And ofcourse i know not everyone has a high funding in maple but keep in mind warior pots only will cost you 5k each who will give you 12 att for 10 minutes. That means 500k for 100 from those pots who can keep you going for a long while so thats really a cheap way to increase your damage on a quick base. Besides that, make sure you have a good wg and have a good scrolled weapon. These are the best way to increase your damage, and weapon should be priority. Why? Cause 1 30% scroll on a weapon already gives you 5 weapon att extra, and weapon attack has the most influence on how high you can attack. ( for a mage its a bit diffirent, cause they have magic attack in stead of weapon attack and 1 magic attack is equal as 1 int )

Well this was kinda it, if there are any sugestion or tips just let it know and lets see we can adjust it Smile

Suggestions from other players

zj0rs wrote:
1. Go here
2. Select a song (a looping one)
3. Listen the song so often you can dream it.
4. Sing along as hard as you can
5. Happy brainless training Very Happy

After a while i tough: "Lolz, I didn't know I was training"

MachoBandit wrote:

My tip:
Besides the great amount of exp, grinding in a party gives a lot more fun than while solo'ing.
Also, some grinding fuel will help you through the 4h as well. =) (crisps, beer, etc.)

I guess this doesnt go for everyone out here, but since I was lvl 140 when I got my 4th job, I couldn't put any SP in skills, so now that I can use them, hunting for books was one of my first motivations. (Too bad Nexon screwed up the droprates.)

BroBH wrote:
Cover you're EXP bar up with the inventory or EQ box, just move it to the botom and cover it up. It might help and leveling will be a surprise Very Happy

Hebereke wrote:

Another thing is do is paying attention, what i mean is that i actually bother to notice the numbers on the screen and get really happy when i do a new "record" hit.

Anttt wrote:
Ask yourself a very vague question and answer it in your head; great way to pass time.

Yeziut wrote:
Grind can be great exp, great fun and quite productive ..IF YOU COME PREPARED!

So before you grind:

- invetory cleanup - you must have room for your pots and drops. You wanna see someone else take your scroll, because you had no room to pick it up?
i don't. Sell/dump all useless etc, use and equips.

- stock on pots - have a mule in NLC or maybe even another in ludi (sniper pills, speed pills), and buy a lot of pots before each grind, than tranfer them to your main with storage.
Even better - if you stock on your pots, go on your mule again, buy more and put them up in your storage. If you happen to use up more then you planned,
you won't have to relog on your mule again, wasting time or your rep 2x.

- don't be stingy with potting - 100 more hp pots wasted is still better then dying and 10% exp in your rear along with rep 2x wasted.

During grind:

- split your exp into "chunks" - for me due to being often in rep trades 30 mins grinding is such one chunk. When i do my 25%-30% in my 30 mins, that's one mission accomplished. It grew nicely, i'm satisfied. This mini mission was a success. Keep it up:)

- train your own way - have fun! this is your grind! I like to stack mobs en masse, and than do a massive monster wipeout. Even if it might be faster to just kill everything in my path and not bother with luring, this is my grind and that's how i have my fun:)

- don't be afraid to train alone - parties are best for exp, true. But if you're all alone don't let it get you down. Treat as a challenge - you trained with others, now show that you can brave it on your own and have some power yourself!
Also when you train alone all the the spoils (especially meso) are all yours!

Tryst wrote:
You should mention a few quests. For instance, the level 58 Eliminate The Mixed / Stone Golems will give a level 58 character 220,000 EXP (roughly 20%) in around 15 minutes.

raiinb0w wrote:
I guess this only works for people who can train while stading still.
When im, say on the hummer spot at mp3, i try to time my keys presses with the beat of music im listining to. (Not sure if that makes any sense)
Makes the time go allot faster
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How do i train ?
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